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Stephan Krijger

Life Quantification


The challenge

I want to make personal development easy for young professional / (young) entrepreneurs/coaches (not sure about the target group yet) by using data analysis and data science techniques on personal data. The problem is that there are so many data sources and so many ways you can improve yourself, that people don't know where to start.

The solution

I want to make an app that analyses and pulls all of your personal data from various apps such as your health app, meditation app etc. and then gives you a dashboard on how you are performing on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and automatically gives you recommendations on how you can do better. A further idea I had is to make a platform out of it, so you could see people similar to you and see what you can learn from them, a sort of social media for personal growth. For example: "This person similar to you scores a 9 on happiness, see what they are doing and what you can learn from them"

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