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Jacco Stolk
Dirk van den Berg
Christiaan Vroemen
Robert Vroemen



The challenge

Denim products in general cost a lot of water to fabricate. One pair of denim jeans use around 7600 liters of water. Additionally, the fast fashion industry frequently changes its collections, with a fast-fashion CEO stating that they aim to create between 600-900 new styles every week. The excess production of fashion items leads to jeans and other items being burned to maintain exclusivity or to get rid of excess collections, wasting many valuable resources, as well as putting an additional strain on the environment when considering the emissions made during the production process.

The solution

IndiGO is a brand that aims to create awareness for the aforementioned issues regarding fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment. IndiGO does this by means of manufacturing items such as backpacks, laptop covers, and wallets from recycled denim materials which are obtained from the left-over collections of fast-fashion brands as well as from people donating their old jeans.

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