Team info

Margarida Guerra
Jannai Montroos
Francisca Madeira Fonseca
Thijs Watkis
Inês Colaço
Blanca Cruces Romero
Andrea Rocco Riverso

R . u . m . y


The challenge

The way people consider clothing has changed in last years, nowadays fast fashion dominates the market. To enjoy the experience of shopping we require low cost products, the usage of a piece of clothing is much shorter and people tend to get rid of it much before they used it. Also, the way we get rid of them has changed, we are more likely to throw them away instead of donating or reselling them. It is a need for the society to lean toward a more circular and sustainable solution and that is where our idea is directed.

The solution

The main pillar of our idea is to create a second-hand clothes shop, a thrift shop, to offer recycled apparel at a good price, however we want to eliminate many flaws that we see in this kind of business. Our concept would be similar to a boutique on the streets, in which you are offered many services compared to “classic” thrift shopping, we do fixing, small modifications, offer advise and many other to create a positive experience for the customer and to demonstrate that even second-hand clothes deserves a shot.

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