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Freek van Litsenburg

Bigger Picture Clothing

Business Ready / Startup

The challenge

The fashion industry is still one of the largest industries of the world in terms of pollution. The sustainable fashion industry is emerging, but something goes terribly wrong in our opinion. A lot of times the customer is not able to see what the exact impact is that he/she has with her purchase. A standard fee is payed to a corporate charity and that is where the chain ends. At Bigger Picture Clothing we do not believe that this is the right approach and we tend to go one step further. In short, currently the visibility in the supply chain is minimally present. On top of that, customers are not involved with their impact.

The solution

We sell sustainable clothing with social impact attached to it. We want to do business, while being 100% transparent. This means that every customer is able to exactly see which impact they have with their purchase. We minimise our negative impact on the environment by creating a supply chain that is sustainable, from our collections that are ethically produced in Portugal, all the way up to the projects we support in Ethiopia. We maximize our positive impact on the people on this planet (at the moment mostly in Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, The Gambia & Tanzania) by providing clean drinking water, education and even more. While doing this we really tend to involve the customer in every part of the process, in order to create a strong community.

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