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Manou Roovers
Elisa Serné

Ride or die


The challenge

The perfect tire pressure is the dream for every (professional) cyclist. A dream that unfortunately rarely becomes reality. Every surface (in a cycling race) requires a specific tire pressure. Despite the fact that the rider rides on many different surfaces, he will have to choose 1 tire pressure. These are dilemmas that determine the race, dilemmas that keep riders awake for nights on end. But what if we can get rid of this dilemma? What if the tire pressure can be adjusted during the race?

The solution

A compact device that regulates tire pressure. It is a detachable device that is placed on the valve. The cyclist can determine the tire pressure on his handlebar by means of a wireless connection. There is a control panel mounted on the handlebar. We want to integrate the functionalities of this panel with existing bicycle computers, so that the rider does not have an extra device on his handlebars, but only has to operate his trusted smart bicycle computer.

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