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Adam Ragab
Ahmad Azzam
Nikola Nikolov
Jishnu Harinandansingh


Business Ready / Startup

The challenge

Aging and increasing populations, increased frequency of chronic illnesses, a worldwide rise in health professionals' shortages, and rising costs in healthcare all exert pressure on the health industry. There is a huge gap between the patient and the healthcare system. The way we approach the search of medical professionals and make use of our own personal medical record is outdated. Modern solutions are needed to resolve these problems, however current approaches miss the point as they are often far too localized to generate the needed impact. Instead unified approaches are needed.

The solution

We offer a solution that unifies current approaches to fill the gap between the patient and accessible healthcare. At the forefront is an accessible and centralized platform that enables users to manage their personal healthcare journey, from booking appointments to shareable comprehensive electronic health records that provide users with a transparent overview of their complete medical history. We’ve developed a robust developmental framework that will facilitate smart collaborations, integrations, and incentives to enable the platform to serve as the base for the next generation of healthcare, one that is preventive, personalized, and most importantly accessible to all.

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