Team info

Marleen van Lubeek



The challenge

Often it's hard to stay motivated learning a language. Even with Duolingo, which is an app that already has a lot of gamification and tries to make it fun, people will often quit before they can actually speak the language. This is also because a lot of apps focus on reading and writing, rather than listening and speaking. So the user doesn't have a lot of exercises to train the listening and speaking skills.

The solution

A language learn website that will teach young adults a language in the same way little children learn their first or second language. With bilingual games, music and video's you will learn in a more fun way that just learning words and rules by heart. I want to create a website that keep people motivated and pushes them to practice actual speaking and listening more than just reading and writing. The first language I will be focusing on creating a course for is Chinese (Mandarin). A language app that focuses more on speaking and listening skills, more than reading/writing a language.

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