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Bianka Demeter



The challenge

Last semester I created a 3x1 hour-long online 'happiness training' for students of the Netherlands and one participant told me that these sessions "could only help, since I am so depressed." University student well-being (or the lack thereof) has always been an issue, but as with many things, the pandemic only made it worse. The isolation resulted in many students starting or continuing to battle mental health problems. Healthy development during university is crucial for later life, but how can we ensure that during and after a pandemic?

The solution

The goal of NUL is to leave no life left unexamined. I want to make sure that every student understands the science of happiness and is able to identify what steps they need to take to foster happiness habits. I plan to facilitate this through interactive trainings, where students can learn about topics such as happiness, vulnerability, success and failure. Besides learning and listening, these trainings also incorporate practice and push participants to apply the theory in practice, which also helps students connect with each other.

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