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Anouk van Anrooij
Daniel Gelsing



The challenge

We address the need for a replacement to alcohol and soda beverages combined with the need for a sustainable transition in the beverage industry. Many people try to cut down their alcohol and/or soda use, but struggle to find a decent alternative. Often, softdrinks are considered 'too sweet' - even the 0.0% alcoholic beverages. Hence, this customer group sticks to drinking water, tea and coffee only, but would prefer an easy-to-make- beverage which is not sweet or unhealthy. Moreover, the beverage-industry is purposefully creating unnecessary packaging waste by not seperating water from their products to make profits. We aim to transform this industry towards sustainability, health and circularity.

The solution

A savory beverage that is made of 100% natural origins, it's healthy and comes in a powder/syrup form so that people only have to add water. Therefore, the beverage is also sustainable; the production process is circular as we will be using natural inputs, perhaps from waste products such as peels and packaging should be decompostable. Flavors arise from mixing fruits with herbs, so that they are fresh, sour, bitter with perhaps a touch of natural sweetness.

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