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Thomas Schutte
Sara Branly
Arosen Kumarasamy
Sam Niesten
Rick van Lierop
Rik Geerts



The challenge

Many people, in our age group especially, are familiar with the difficulty of trying to accurately measure personal fuel usage in a shared vehicle. This can make it difficult to share fuel costs fairly. This is a problem that all of us are facing monthly. Dividing the fuel costs is not complicated if you just split the bill. However, tracking the mileage of every driver is where the problem occurs. In order to divide the costs fairly, every driver’s exact mileage has to be known. So basically there is no way yet to easily and fairly track the fuel costs among the drivers.

The solution

A solution to this problem would prevent some irritation and save time for families or friends who share cars, so we want to come up with a solution which solves this problem in a fast and convenient way. We want to create an app that tracks the distance per drive and the fuel costs for this drive. These drives will be added and the costs will be fairly divided at the end of the month.

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