Team info

David Bleijlevens
Daniel Kuipers
Fleur Koops
Joëlle Verboom
Seyma Bas
Stan Slijpen



The challenge

The core problem is that there is too much waste and that, to a certain extent, this waste is not yet being optimally utilized. Companies want to be more sustainable, also with regard to their waste, but do not have the right resources and/or time to invest. When it comes to green business, many entrepreneurs think of huge renovations and high investment costs. The issues seem large, complex and far-reaching. This quickly gives rise to the idea that little is not enough and that far-reaching measures are required to make a difference.

The solution

- An intermediary agency which facilitates an exchange of waste between different companies - Search for creative ways to recycle certain materials. E.g. spent coffee grounds have a high caloric value and burn easily, so could be repurposed as briquettes. - Create a system that encourages both consumers and corporations to reuse materials and recources, stimulates creativity and speeds up the transition to a circular economy.

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