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Kara Liblick
Kine Holmen



The challenge

The current housing crisis in the Netherlands has left thousands of students in difficult, and often dangerous, circumstances. International students, for example, face particular challenges due to "Dutch only" listings, language barriers, and not having a network or family to depend on. In 2024 alone, an estimated 50 thousand students nationwide will be affected. Given the various challenges within the housing market and the overall complexity of this problem, opportunities for solutions are sparse. And though some long-term solutions are underway, expected finish dates remain in the too-distant future. A solution is required more urgently.

The solution

StudentHost (website and mobile app platform) will allow households with spare bedrooms to connect to university students who do not have other safe housing options available. Our Vision: Our social platform will accommodate and incentivize local hosts, and will simultaneously help mitigate risks that students are often vulnerable to, such as housing scams. All relevant practical information (such as legal considerations) will also be provided in an accessible manner. With the support of valued partnerships, we aim to see the public make use of our platform already by the next academic year (2022-2023). We believe in the potential of StudentHost to fuel valuable cultural exchange, and support Dutch higher education, while also helping keep new students safe and well. StudentHost will be a reliable service available in all student cities nationwide.

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