Team info

Lars Giesberts
Gustav Fabricius Almind
Liliana Mejia
Yuval Nitzan
Gabriela Marcano
Amit Paztal



The challenge

In the summer and winter months vehicles can reach very extreme temperatures relative to the season, causing discomfort. In addition, according to estimates in the battery industry, battery sales jump mainly in August and December by 50% due to the heat and cold that cause various malfunctions in batteries and overuse of air conditioners. Hence, a lot of energy is wasted from the batteries in the vehicles by also leaving lights on in the vehicle for a long time.

The solution

The service is a solar panel installed on the roof of the vehicle and produces energy that can be used in place of the battery, such as energy for the air conditioner, or to lights that were left on by mistake. In addition, the service includes an app that is connected to the solar panel and provided through it, where you can set a timer to turn on the air conditioner before you go to work, school, etc. For example, you can remotely turn on the air conditioner to balance the temperature before starting the vehicle.

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