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Muriël de Winter
Femke Janssen
Karin Dirks
Alexander Bezemer
Matthijs Bakker
Ralph van Wijk
Tom Janssen



The challenge

All students know the problem of finding a place to live. We start at a new university in a new city and you have to find a room here. Of course, we can blame the housing crisis for this, but there are other causes which are interesting to look into. One of these reasons is house-hopping. Students settle for any room and this can easily create mismatches between roommates. As a result, these students also continue to look for a room on the market. This is where we come in.

The solution

With this app, we try to match people who are trying to find a room and student houses. When you install the Roomers app you fill in a questionnaire. Based on your answers from the questionnaire, the app matches you to several housing options. Then, you can ‘like’ the housing options you are particularly interested in. The individuals in the student house receive a notification that you are interested in their vacant room. when there is mutual interest, you are able to connect with each other.

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