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Lorenzo Massera



The challenge

Currently, most tourists when they visit a city look for information on the internet. However, one can be overwhelmed by the huge amount of available information: comparing and validating what is the correct information takes time. The alternative is to book guided tours, but they are often designed for large groups, or are very expensive, or follow the classic tourist routes. Some people have diametrically opposed views on the cities they visited, depending on what their stopovers were like

The solution

virgil is an app that enables to book guided tours made by local people, in order to offer an authentic local experience. Each guide offers a different kind of tour, based on their knowledge and interests, and tourists choose accordingly. Tourists can also post on the app a specific request for the tour they would like to do, and the guides indicate their availability to guide them, only if they are compatible with the request. In any case, tourists choose tours based on their needs in terms of content, duration, guide reviews, and consequent prices

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